Learn to Play Craps Games for Windows Casinos

If you want to play craps at Windows Casino, you'll need to understand the rules, the odds, the bets and how the whole thing progresses. It may look complicated to you if you're a bystander; after all, the land-based tables are crowded, loud and surrounded by excited people shouting and flinging chips. The good news is that this isn't the case at Canadian sites that offer this title; you'll be safe and sound in the comfort of your own living room. To get started, the first thing you'll need to know is that this is a dice game and your objective is to determine the combination that will be rolled with the two dice provided.

The most common wager that is placed here is known as the Pass Line, and it's pretty simple to understand. All in all, you're going to bet (at first, anyway) that the come out roll is going to be anything except for a two, three or 12. If it happens to be one of those three numbers, you'll lose immediately. However, if it happens to be a seven or 11, you win immediately. If it's anything else at all, then that number becomes the 'Point'. The goal, then, is to see the 'point' rolled again before a seven in order to win. If the seven comes first, you lose. The Don't Pass bet is equally common and is the exact opposite of what has been described here.

It's recommended that you find two or three different craps games in Windows casinos and read the terms and conditions of the offers carefully before you claim a windows sign-up bonus and make a deposit. In fact, it may be best to try a free option for a while until you're familiar with the way things work. A great place to do either of these things is Windows Casino. Here, you'll find a huge array of titles that are guaranteed to work flawlessly with your operating system, and you can decide whether you want to play for free or for real money and whether you want to download the software or use your browser to access them.