Why Everyone Loves Progressive Jackpots

If you ask people in Canada what they love most about gambling online, there is a very good chance that more than 50% of them will tell you that they absolutely love progressive jackpots. Progressive slot machines provide online casinos with more than 60% of their revenue when they're offered, and that is primarily because people simply love the thought of being able to win hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars with a single spin of the reels. There are some different types, though, so if you're interested in giving them a shot, you should look for a bonus to play jackpots online.

First of all, it should be noted that progressive jackpots, unlike their traditional counterparts, climb when bettors all across the network place bets on spins on a particular title. Thus, if 1,000 people are betting on XYZ, then a portion of all of those wagers go into the pot. Sometimes, you'll have to bet the maximum allowed in order to even qualify for the prize, and even then you'll have to complete a certain combination to set it off. In other cases, though, everything is completely random and a winning combination across any active payline - no matter how much you chose to wager - can create an instant hit. The higher the jackpot, the lower the odds of winning will usually be due to the sheer number of people who are playing at any given time. There are no strategies here, either; random number generators dictate everything.

Since not everyone has the funds to spend $100 or more on a single spin over and over again in hopes of winning big, most people tend to stick with the moderately-sized titles that still offer up some significant sums of money. Most of the time, you'll be able to see how high it's gotten simply by looking at your screen. If you're interested in finding a good variety of these progressive jackpot slots, check out Windows Casino. They have everything you could ever imagine, you can even play for free, and they'll match your first deposit to help you get a head start.