How to Find a High Quality Keno Online Game

Keno goes way back in ancient Chinese history - even as much as two thousand years, according to popular belief. Although it has gone through a lot of evolution over the years, its exciting opportunities for players to win big with your sign-up bonus. Any casino will offer it, but today's gamblers want the convenience and thrill that they can get when they play online. There are many benefits to playing on the Internet such as fewer distractions, less money wasted and being able to play any time of day, but how can you be sure to find a high quality and profitable keno online game? Read on for some more information.

The rules of the game are not too difficult to learn. You start by selecting as many as 15 numbers out of 80 and betting on the outcome, which depends on randomizations that will be completed and shown on the screen. If any of your selections are chosen, you will receive payouts dependent upon how many were drawn. For example, assume that you choose 15 numbers. Four of them get drawn, so you get paid according to that specific game's pay table. If you bet $1, you might receive a $0.50 payout. The more of your selections that are drawn, the more payouts you will be able to get. There is little skill involved but the fun never ends once you experience the excitement of seeing the winning ones come up on the screen.

Players can choose from several betting amounts, from $1 per game up to $10. The more numbers you choose, the more chances you will have for payouts. If you have selected two numbers and they are both drawn, you receive a 100% payout. If you choose 10 numbers and 4 are drawn, your payout is 40%. Of course, if all of them drawn, there is always the small chance of drawing them all and giving you a 10,000% payout. This clearly demonstrates that this is one of the top high-paying casino games out there. Windows Casino is a great place to find a high quality keno online game that provides you with all of these earning opportunities, and they gladly open their services to residents of Canada.