Learn Pai Gow Poker For Free With No Strings Attached

Pai Gow Poker is a card game based on the Chinese game Pai Gow at windows-casinos.com. The original name was used with a set of 32-dominoes, while its current casino version applies basic principles of the domino game to a poker deck. Learn Pai Gow Poker for free with this guide. Each participant is first dealt seven cards which they must divide into two hands, one of 5-cards and one of 2. In splitting up the hands, the one rule players must follow is that the 5-card hand must be better than the 2-card one (e.g. if you have only one pair, it must go in the 5 hand). Players show down against the banker, who is either the casino dealer or another player. If both of the participant's hands beat the banker's corresponding hands, the player wins. When two hands are equal, the casino game rules stipulate that the tie goes to the banker. If both bettor and banker win one each, the round is a push and the player takes back his initial bet.

Windows Casino is a great place to learn Pai Gow Poker, simply grab your windows casino bonus to play. Their game was developed by Playtech, and their deck employs 53 cards - a standard deck plus a Joker. The Joker is used as a wild to complete straights and flushes but otherwise counts only as an Ace. For all intents and purposes, there are 5 Aces in the deck.

Betting is straightforward. The table that you play at will have a set minimum and maximum bet, and you must wager an amount within those confines, for each hand. Once you place a bet, you don't wager again until the next round. When learning Pai Gow Poker for free, it's important to know that the house earns profit by claiming a 5% rake on all winnings, or by charging a low, flat rate per turn. For example, if you bet $500 and won, the house would take $25 out of that.