Making the Most of a Lucrative Roulette Bonus

A roulette bonus is nothing more than an online game incentive that casinos will use in an attempt to bring in new business or keep their existing players happy. There are many different types of promotions out there, and each one caters to a different type of audience. Learning about what is available to you is the first step in taking advantage of these offers and using them in a way that helps you earn more and have more fun doing it.

The first type of roulette bonus is known as the deposit match, and this is actually the most common, too. Essentially, it gives people a reward for making a deposit with a match that ranges from 50% to as much as 400% up to a certain dollar amount. The funds provided can only be used to play this particular title, and it is likely that some wagering requirements will apply. Essentially, this means that you'll need to spend a certain amount of money, which is usually a multiple of the sum of your deposit and the funds you were given, before you can withdraw any of the winnings you earn. This can make things difficult, especially for those who choose to take advantage of larger offers.

The second type is the no-deposit promotion, and this is geared more toward those who don't want to invest anything just to give a venue a chance. They're often harder to find than their counterparts because many venues have shied away from them after instances of abuse, but since the introduction of the play-through requirements, they're starting to make a comeback. These are smaller sums of money, usually between $5 and $50, which are provided to you without any commitment on your part. You just use it and decide whether you want to keep going once it's gone.

The third type of roulette bonus, and perhaps the rarest of them all, is the free spins bonus. Now, in this instance, the establishment is going to tell you that you can take X amount of free spins that are each worth X amount of money. You can decide how to place your wagers, and like the other offers mentioned here, you can't cash anything out until you've fulfilled the wagering requirements. Thus, if you get X amount of spins that are valued at X dollars each, you can multiply those figures to get the value of the offer, then multiply that by the wagering requirement multiplier, and eventually you'll get the amount you have to spend to make a withdrawal.

If you want to find a venue that offers some lucrative roulette bonuses, then the Windows Casino is an excellent choice. Here, you'll find both the deposit and no-deposit online game incentive options, and you may be able to earn some free spins along the way if you keep your eyes peeled for special offers. The American, European and Mini versions can all be found here, too, so there's certainly something for everyone to enjoy.