Top Gun Online Slot: Be a Fly Ace in this thrilling and fun game

For those who have been around in this world long enough to recall, Tom Cruise has not always been the huge star that he is now. As with the other Hollywood A-listers, he started out with minor roles and small movies until he finally got his big break. His break may have come from several movies, but one of his most memorable hits is undoubtedly Top Gun, a movie about ace pilots.

However, whether or not you belong to the age group that distinctly recalls Tom Cruise playing a flying hot shot, the Top Gun online slot of Playtech is bound to capture your fancy and make you also feel like an ace.

On the gaming side, this started out as an arcade game that combined the pilot story line of the movie with the sensory experience of wild graphics and sound surround of a typical arcade game. You can even really get into the role with the built-in pilot seat that vibrates as if you were actually flying a plane. And just like with real pilots, you have to earn your way to the Top Gun title by collecting enough bonus credits. Not to worry, though, as the ride is bound to be super exciting, including the bonus round that has you flying over your targets and shooting them down. This may be a slot machine, but it would not be impossible to forget that and start thinking you're actually playing a video game. This is not your typical slot as you are provided with a total sensory experience, a feast for, and involving, all your senses. It is such that it has brought forth a new phrase that sums it up: Sensory Immersion Gaming.

An effort has been made to make this adventure more available to everyone, everywhere at any time, and thus the release of the Top Gun online slot. Though not yet available for the American market (boo-hoo), everyone else can take part in the fun.

The game offers penny variations that connect to progressive jackpots, though this may be difficult to find. The regular game offers a top pay out of 10,000 credits. It may be played in 1c, 5c and 25c denominations per credit and offers a choice of 15-, 20- or 25-lines. True, you may need to bet quite significantly to also win top prize, but the sensory adventure is worth the price in itself.

All in all, the Top Gun online slot is another exciting option for your gaming fix and will surely scramble any previous notions about slot games. So look out for it and try it as soon as you can.